Why Mina? Why Now More Than Ever?

Oct, 2021

To our valued customers

Over the many years of our customers’ partnerships, we have developed a powerful working relationship, defined by a common passion for technology, innovative ideas and shared pride in your success when the project is delivered. You have also challenged us to continuously adapt our service levels to your evolving requirements and we have invested in the development of our shipping business. Our relationship has contributed to making MINA a stronger partner for your business – for this we are grateful.

As many countries relax their lock-down measures and businesses resume their operations, the time is ripe to remind our valued customers of the benefits of using MINA as your trusted shipping partner.  Most of our clients have trusted us over the years with shipping their cargos all over the world. With a track record of pure customer satisfaction, we are happy to expand our network of partners and widen your horizon for bigger and better markets.

We offer you all your shipping needs in one place, so you would not face any further technical difficulties:

  • Planning your shipping operation and choosing the right course of action
  • Sipping full containers or Groupage
  • Shipping thru the sea, air or land
  • Clearance in the Lebanese port
  • Storing your shipped products and delivering them to your door

The values that we believe in and command our work are:

      • Trust: We pride ourselves of being trusted by hundred of clients that found satisfaction in our services
      • Accountability:  We hold ourselves responsible for our work, and we are ready to put your wellbeing in front of us.
  • Innovation: At MINA shipping, we inspire each other to drive creativity in the pursuit of new business and in search of the optimal solutions – going beyond the obvious.
  • Integrity: We believe in acting ethically, keeping our word and treating others both inside and outside the Company with fairness and respect.
  • Respect: We recognize our limitations and listen to the views of others. We seek to learn from others culture, opinions and skills in order to create value for all our partners.

We don’t see ourselves as people selling you a product, we see ourselves as an extension of your team. With our 99%+ on-time delivery and industry-leading claims ratio, you can count on us when it matters the most.

We are thankful to be your trusted business partner and are dedicated to helping you keep your promises.

Hassan Kobrosly

CEO of Mina Shipping

Our Values

Values are an important part of the cement that holds together the foundation of our business. Our vision is strongly supported by our shared core values, which create and sustain the success of our team.

  • Customer focus: We try to meet and exceed customer’s demands by delivering what we promise.
  • Honesty and Integrity: Honesty and Integrity together form the foundation our trust. The success of our organization stems from the open and honest approach of our people.
  • Trust: Trust in our company is built by people sharing a common purpose, culture and basing their priorities on the needs of our clients and the business itself.
  • Collaborative teamwork: Collaborative teamwork is more than ever becoming the most strategic capability for any firm and is one of our company’s rules for business success.
  • Commitment to excellence: Commitment to excellence is built when we are trusted and are able to trust our colleagues in every minor detail.


Our Team

We are here to provide the best services.

Our well trained staff who are certified professionals in Freight Forwarding will ensure the best possible on time service to our valued customers.

Our aim is to satisfy our clients through a very flexible organization with experienced staff able to offer the highest possible level of service.

MINAMarine International Navigation Agency has been operating in this sector more than 15 years. Our main aim has always been to satisfy the needs of all our customers by offering them personalized transport service for any volume of goods, anywhere in the world.

The company’s staff consists of the owner’s themselves who can be contacted directly, thus guaranteeing efficiency and reliability.

Our organization is able to establish the kind of personal relationships with our customers that we feel are the key to our success.

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